Double Take




Double Take is an ongoing series which quotes from 19th and 20th Century European media images representing South Asia and other colonial territories. The images are altered by hand in life size watercolor paintings and digital printing  so that the original pedagogical function of the imagery is transformed. The result is a dialogue between past and present geo-political ambitions. The images are sourced from engravings found in llustrated newspapers, books,  ethnographic and studio photography.




Coloring Germany

2011, Installation with altered coloring books and paintings


Coloring Germany is an installation of paintings and altered coloring book pages selected from a contemporary coloring book produced by the German embassy for American children. Employing the graphic  visual language of the coloring book, Coloring Germany interrupts essentialized notions of the German body and landscape. Using strategies of irony and humor, the project deflates ideas of German purity, insisting on difference within the contruction of German identites.

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